50 luxury apartments were sold for bitcoins In Dubai


50 of 150 luxury apartments in a 40-story building in Dubai Science Park were sold for Bitcoins. The price of the property was from 15 BTC for a studio to 45 BTC for a two-bedroom apartment.

In this case, according to the designer of the project, Baroness Michelle Mone, some buyers bought two apartments, and one bought ten. The portrait of a typical buyer is a young male programmer in a T-shirt.

According to her partner and the head of the development company Aston Developments Douglas Barrowman, they received many new requests for the purchase of apartments for bitcoins, but the new batch is not ready to offer for the cryptocurrency.

It is planned to build 1300 apartments in the complex, and the construction itself should be completed by 2020. At the same time, Baroness Michelle Mont and Doug Barroumen launch Equi – Ethereum-based payment system to “inspire women to invest in the technology industry.”

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