How to buy Ethereum in Dubai using BitOasis


The easiest way to buy Ethereum in Dubai is to use BitOasis.

Here are simple steps:

Step 1

After you registered your account on BitOasis, you need to deposit money into your wallet by buying a voucher. You can buy a voucher using the bank transfer or a credit card. Just enter the amount you want to deposit, choose the payment method and proceed to the payment page.

Once you reviewed all details and paid the required amount, your AED balance on BitOasis wallet will be updated

Step 2

Click on the “Buy Ethereum” banner on the left side of the screen.

After this, you will be redirected to BitOasis Exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoins and Ethereum.

You need to choose an amount of Ethereum that you want to buy and place an order.
After the trade is done, you will see an updated balance of Ethereum in your Wallet

Step 3

Now you have Ethereum in your wallet and you can sell it later on BitOasis exchange or transfer to another wallet in case if you want to use it on other Exchanges or participate in ICO.
To send your Ethereum to another wallet, you need to click on Withdrawal button, choose an amount that you want to send and enter an address of the Ethereum Wallet.

Step 4

After this is done, you will need to enter the confirmation code sent to your email and submit an order.

It will take some time for BitOasis to process it.

You can track the status of transaction using

Do not forget about our security tips when you work with Cryptocurrency.