The number of payment channels in the Lightning Network exceeded one thousand


The Lightning Network (LN) microtransactions network already has more than a thousand open-source channels in the main Bitcoin network, and their number continues to grow.

Less than two weeks ago the network had only 135 channels and consisted of 69 nodes, and its solvency was estimated at 1.25 bitcoins only.

LN is still at the alpha testing stage, it already has 419 nodes, and the total solvency is estimated at 4.16 bitcoins, which is equivalent to $ 36,000.

The majority of LN nodes are located in the United States (23.49%), followed by Germany (9.69%) and the Netherlands (6.05%), although the location 34.62% of nodes is not known at all.

The Lightning Network allows you to make transactions through payment channels outside of the blockchain and is considered a promising long-term solution to the congestion problem of the bitcoin network. Lightning Network operations are almost instant, and the size of commissions is extremely low.