Vitalik Buterin – traditional assets are still your safest bet


Ethereum creator and blockchain expert Vitalik Buterin remains a realist and does not recommend storing life savings in cryptocurrencies.

Buterin does not want investors to have false illusions about sky-high profits without understanding the risks. Meanwhile, since February 5, the price of ETH has grown by almost 40%.

Yesterday Buterin posted the following message on Twitter:

In general, his comments reflect the mood of regulators around the world who do not want to see how investors invest in the emerging class of assets. At the same time, managers managing traditional assets recommend that everyone diversify their investments and not keep all their funds in one asset.

In August Vitalik Buterin entered the hundred most influential people of the century by the version of Forbes. He also became one of the 50 most influential people in 2017 according to Bloomberg.